The renovations are going strong.  Kitchen cabinets are in.  Bosch dishwasher was delivered dead, Thanks Lowes.  It would be nice if you stood behind your 4 year extended warranty.  LG all in one washer/dryer is running like a charm, you will probably have to have one of these when you get home now, sorry.  Bathroom is coming along nicely.  Watch for updated pictures

Dishwasher has been sorted out.  It was not delivered dead but a contractor had neglected to remove a plug from the garbarator.  Thanks to the Bosch rep who finally  told us what the E-24 error meant. Lowes service was poor, they did not return my calls and treated me like crap.  I will not choose Lowes for any other major purchase that may require service.  I should add that the extended warranty I had purchased had not been registered, an extension of the poor service.

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  1. Paul, I did not realize you & Terry were so handy, I have some upgrades to do here in RD. thanks for the view and your renovation look great. Christine C.

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