Home Etiquette

The Phone

From, the condo the phone has unlimited long distance calling across North America, including Canada.  You are welcome to use the phone to keep in touch with people are home.

Wireless Access

If you bring your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or any other connected device there is wireless here at the condo.  We’ll provide you with the access code when you arrive. Currently there is no computer at the condo but perhaps in the future.

Airport Shuttle

We recommend that you use the speedi shuttle service if you are not renting a car.  Find them online at: http://www.speedishuttle.com/


If you want to try busing for 2 dollars.
FROM:  You take route #35 or #40 from the airport departing from pick up zone number 3 at approximately every 90 minutes.  This takes you to the Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre from there you transfer to route #10 which will take you into Kihei, along South Kihei Road.  Maui Vista is number 2191, South Kihei Road. There is a stop at the corner near Maui Vista.  You’ll pass Foodland and the bar triangle which is only 7 minutes walk from the resort.  Cheap maitais at Life’s a Beach on the Foodland corner there is you’re anxious after the flight.  The Tiki Lounge is also in that complex and has better cocktails and some food.
TO: You take #10 departing about 40 minutes after the hour from the stop down the street to the left.  It goes to Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre and then transfer to #35 or #40.  Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre is Maui’s biggest mall it’s open to the air and is home to Macy’s and Sears and a number of independent shops.  It also has a movie theatre.

Car Rentals

We find the cost of car rental varies depending on the season you choose to go.  It’s always much higher during the vacation periods, like Easter, Spring Break, Presidents’ Day, and Christmas.  The price can range from $20 per day  to $50 per day.  Terry uses Expedia and other internet sites.  (Terry insert links)  There is also Kihei Car Rental, need the resort.  It’s nearly as expensive to take the shuttle to and from the airport as it is to book a car for a week, if  you can get a good rate.

Bus Schedule and Routes

The bus system in Maui is sparse but if you plan and take a camera and a book, it’s a great way to get around cheaply.   http://www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?NID=609


Concierge Partner at Maui Vista Resort


Social Media

Yes we have a Facebook page, we encourage you to check in and to share your photos and adventure with others.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chip-and-Maxs-Tiki-Resort/192725367455339

Leave the tiki resort in as good as order as you found it… and a wee bit better.

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